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Who is ready for some real popcorn treats? Choose from Chocolate Marshmallow bars, Gooey Cakes, Popcorn Balls or Popcorn Bars.

We combine deep, rich chocolate with the buttery goodness of popcorn to give you the fantastic Chocolate Marshmallow Bar. We use only the finest ingredients to make this delicious treat.

At only a buck these tasty treats are a steal. Our popcorn balls are made from our tender, fluffy, white popcorn mixed with Mile Hi Popcorn’s super-secret sweet formula and rolled into crispy, crunchy popcorn balls.

Just smelling the ooey-gooey goodness of our Popcorn cakes will set your mouth to watering. Celebrate any occasion — or just celebrate — with one of these delicious cakes.

From our finest ingredients we spin fluffy, white popcorn into the equivalent of candy gold. You can’t go wrong with this choice!

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